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Laurentian Regional High School

Governing Board

The 2018-2019 Governing Board meetings dates: November 5th 2018, December 3rd 2018, January 14th 2019, February 4th 2019, March 18th 2019, April 15th 2019, May 13th 2019 and June 3rd 2019. 

2018-2019 Members:

Chairperson: Donna Anbar

Parents’ Committee Delegate: Don Beverly

Parent Reps:

Shannon Bradley-Rowe

Caroline Gleeson

Deborah Moram

Don Beverly

Melanie Bujold

Patrick Vanier

Donna Anbar

Teacher Reps:

Heather Usher

Tammy Noble

Laurie Matthews

Emilie Blondin

Elaine Jette

Robin Vero

Ken Gordon

Helen Theodorakakou-Mawdryk

Support Staff Rep:

Charlotte Turner

Student Reps:

Brooklyn Adapoe

James Graine




Word of the Day: LURCHER
Definition: (noun) Someone waiting in concealment.

Synonyms: lurker, skulker.

Usage: Amanda caught a glimpse of a figure in the shadows of the alleyway and ran in fear of the mysterious lurcher.