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Laurentian Regional High School

Library - About Us

Librarian:  Megan Bryan


Library Hours:

Monday - Friday:  8:15 am - 3:30pm  (closed between 12:30 & 1:30 PM)


Three books can be signed out for a three week loan period. Students are asked to renew books if an extended loan period is needed.


Overdue notices are distributed to students on a regular basis. Students must return overdue books before taking out additional books. Students are charged 25 cents per day for overdue books.

Our Mission

The mission of LRHS Library is to provide students and teachers with an effective library/media program. To attain this goal, the library places great emphasis on the quality of services.


The Library offers a number of resources, both print and non-print for student and staff use.


All library books can be searched on REGARD (our automated library catalogue). You can search REGARD by author, title or subject.

We also have several encyclopedia sets, dictionaries, atlases and almanacs.

We subscribe to a number of magazines.

Computer Resources

The library has two computers available that can be used for book searches, online encyclopedias and e-books.



Dewey Decimal System


 What is the Dewey Decimal System?


The Dewey Decimal Classification System (DDC) is a system that classifies or categorizes nonfiction books into ten main divisions. These classes are further divided into ten subdivisions and the use of decimals allows for additional categories. A book is assigned a Dewey number based on its subject matter. In most libraries the Dewey number and the first three letters of the author's last name become the book's call number. Nonfiction books are arranged numerically on the shelves according to DDC, ranging from 001 to 999.


How does the Dewey Decimal System work?


 000 Generalities

 100 Philosophy and Psychology

 200 Religion

 300 Social Science

 400 Language

 500 Natural Science and Mathematics

 600 Technology (Applied Sciences)

 700 Arts

 800 Literature

 900 Geography and History



Source: Exploring the Dewey Decimal System ( )

Word of the Day: LURCHER
Definition: (noun) Someone waiting in concealment.

Synonyms: lurker, skulker.

Usage: Amanda caught a glimpse of a figure in the shadows of the alleyway and ran in fear of the mysterious lurcher.