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Laurentian Regional High School



The “Bear Clause”, we believe, is an integral part of the communication link between home and school. Students are expected to bring home the “Bear Clause” during the school year because it contains valuable information such as exam schedules, parent meetings, late night bus schedule changes, Student Council news, sports teams, cultural activities, Governing Board news and Parent Participation Organization (PPO) information.

To download a copy of any issue of Bear Clause, "right click" with your mouse on the selected issue. Then select "save as target" to save a PDF copy to you own computer for viewing.

To view any issue of Bear Clause online just click on the issue to open it.

Word of the Day: BILLOW
Definition: (verb) Rise up as if in waves.

Synonyms: wallow.

Usage: Smoke from the burning building billowed up into the sky, obscuring the sun.