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Laurentian Regional High School


NameEmailWeb PageDepartment/CyclePosition
Best, Judith  E.R.C. Teacher
Black, Erin  Social Science Teacher
Blondin-Huneault, Emilie  French Teacher
Boyd, Nancy  Administration School Secretary
Bryan, Megan  Library Librarian
Bujold, Melanie   Coordinator /CLC Community Development Technician
Courchesne, Johanne   Student Supervisor
Crawford, Steven  Mathematics Teacher
Crevier, Julie  French Teacher
Dagenais, Luc  Phys. Ed. Teacher
Deguire, Danielle Dee-Dee   School Organization
Demers, Melanie    Social Science Teacher
Duggan, Jessica   Special Ed. Technician
Dumas, Marie-Ann  French Teacher
Dziewirz, Lori Ann  Phys. Ed. Teacher
Foreman, Thomas  Social Science Teacher
Fortier-Perreault, Suzy  French Teacher
Gaudet, Yrel  Mathematics Teacher
Gordon, Kenneth  Science Teacher
Hender, Rachel R.  Science Teacher
Hopkins, Simon  Science Teacher
Jetté, Elaine  English Teacher
Karvouniaris, Sophie   Special Ed. Technician
Kennedy, Judy  Administration Secretary
Kennedy, Louise  Administration Adminstrative Technician
Kokinos, Mina  Mathematics Teacher
Krivosik, Lydie  Special Education Teacher
Low, Kathy  Administration Secretary
Madore, Marie-Josée  French Teacher
Marrin, Katrine  Arts Teacher DANCE/DRAMA
Matthews, Laurie  English Teacher
Morrill, Patricia M.  Science Teacher
Morrill, Scott B.  Science Teacher
Nicholson, Perry  Work Oriented Program Teacher
Papadeas, Peter
(Ext 9011)
  Administration Vice Principal
Petersen, Daphne  English Teacher
Pitts, Matthew   Teacher
Robitaille, Ernest  Technology Teacher
Ross, Kevin  Social Science Teacher
Sanchez-Soares, Kimberley  English Teacher
Scapino, Chantal  Arts Teacher ART
Sousaris, Dimitrios  Social Science Teacher
St-Jacques, Danielle  Guidance Guidance Counsellor
St. Pierre (Interim), Christian  Administration Principal
Stagg, Robert W.  Music Teacher
Theodorakakou-Mawdryk, Helene  Special Education Teacher
Turnbull, Pamela J.  Phys. Ed. Teacher
Turner, Charlotte   Student Supervisor
Usher, Heather  Mathematics Teacher
Vanderhoeden Bracken, Sonya  Mathematics Teacher
Vero, Robin    English Teacher
Welden, Gloria Jean  English Teacher
Wicki, Stephanie  English Teacher
Young, Kelly  Work Oriented Program Teacher SEMI-SKILLED TRADE
Zalavolgyi, Erin  Mathematics Teacher

Word of the Day: DOLOROUS
Definition: (adjective) Marked by or exhibiting sorrow, grief, or pain.

Synonyms: lachrymose, weeping, tearful.

Usage: She always speaks with a wailing, dolorous voice?you are nervously expecting her to burst into tears every moment.