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Laurentian Regional High School

Student Services


LRHS is fortunate to have a team of professionals offering a variety of services. The team includes a public health nurse, a social worker, a psychologist, a guidance counselor and a special eduation technician. Any student and/or his or her family can access services by requesting an appointment directly with team members, or by inquiring at the main office.

Team members have different office hours and are not all present at all times. Their hours are posted outside the Student Services Team offices.

Guidance Department

The Guidance Department at LRHS offers students an array of services including educational counselling, vocational/career counseling and personal counselling. Students needing information on course selection, schedule changes, careers, vocational schools, CEGEPs and universities are encouraged to drop by Student Services and/or make an appointment with the Student Services secretary outside of class time.


Important Phone Numbers For Help Services Outside of LRHS

Help Lines

Suicide Prevention Le Faubourg      1 866-277-3553
Kid's Help Line                             1-800-668-6868
Youth Protection                          1-800-361-8665
Narcotics Anonymous                   1-800-879-0333
Drugs Help & Referral                   1-800-668-6868
STD & AIDS Information                1-800-463-5656
Gay Line                                    1-800-505-5656
Gambling Help & Referral              1-800-461-0140
S.O.S. Domestic Violence             1-800-363-9010
Poison Control Centre                  1-800-463-5060

Distress Centres

ALPPAMM (Mental Health)             1-800-663-0659
CAVAC (Victims of Criminal Acts)     1-800-492-2822
Stop (Violent Men)                        1-800-267-3919
Centre Marie-Eve (Pregnancy)        1-800-663-0659
Parents Line                                 1-800-361-5085


Argenteuil-Lachute                        450-562-3761
Hôtel Dieu - St.Jerome                   450-431-8200
Laurentian- Ste. Agathe                 819-324-4000


CSSS D'Argenteuil                         450-562-8581 / 819-242-0778
CSSS Pays d'en Haut                    450-229-6601 / 450-227-1571 / 450-227-3447
CSSS Thérèse-de-Blainville             430-450-4553
CSSS des Trois- Vallées                819-425-3771

Centre Andre Bourdeau( Drug Rehabilitation)

Lower Laurentians : 450-432-1395 / 1-888-345-1395

Upper Laurentians: 450-562-9078

Clinique Jeuness Lachute     450-562-0271 / 450-562-8581



Useful Websites

(career & education info)

(post secondary programme info)

(vocational programmes on theIsland of Montreal)

(loans and bursaries)

(Ontario colleges programme information)

(career & education planning tool)

(French only – career & post-secondary programme info)

(trades and occupations requiring vocational or technical training)

(free tutorials and material - username and password required, which can be obtained from Student Services)

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