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Laurentian Regional High School

Welcome to Laurentian Regional High School

November 2018 Newsletter and Calendar [B6204 - M. Bujold:2018-10-31]
Link to RSEQ sports schedule [B6215 - M. Bujold:2018-11-07]

448 Argenteuil, Lachute, QC, J8H 1W9
Tel: 450-562-8571 Fax: 450-562-5494

Principal: Christian St. Pierre (Interim)  
Vice Principal: Peter Papadeas  


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Word of the Day: CONSTRICT
Definition: (verb) Become tight or as if tight.

Synonyms: constringe, narrow.

Usage: Severe migraines can be treated with a drug which constricts the blood vessels.