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Laurentian Regional High School
Laurentian Regional High School
Erin Black Teacher

Dear Parent(s)/Guardian(s),

My name is Ms. Black and I am your son/daughter’s new social studies teacher.

During our first class, your child will receive an outline of the topics we will cover this year as well as evaluation guidelines.  I will also go over class rules & materials needed with them but wanted to let you know as well.

The rules for my class are very basic:

  1. RESPECT: All students are expected to treat each other, the teacher, and school property with respect.
  2. NO CELL PHONES OR electronic devices allowed in the classroom unless for a specific activity which will be announced in advance.


Materials needed:

  1. Binder (can be shared with another class as long as it stays organized)
  2. One duo tang with 3 holes (any colour)
  3. Pencils, pens, eraser, high lighters, etc.
  4. Coloured pencils

Also, I have set up a class calendar on the school website.  Please go to, then click on “Staff”.  Beside my name (Erin Black) you can click on the calendar which shows when assignments and projects are due as well test dates.  This should be ready by the 2nd week of classes.

This website and calendar will be my main source of communication with parents/guardians.  Be assured that assignment/test/project due dates will be announced in class but if your child is absent  or forgets the information, your child (and you) can check the website on a regular basis to see what needs to completed and when.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to email me at:

I look forward to a wonderful year with your son/daughter.


Ms. Black-Silverson

Cycle One Social Studies Teacher

Equestrian Club Coordinator

Laurentian Regional High School


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